Activity specification
Date and Time: Start on 5th.December 2017. Every Monday to Sunday.    
All the promotion products will be released every Tuesday or Thursday on line every week. Please take note.
The official website of DMTG on PC terminal, mobile terminal and Wechat are the only service platforms holding the promotion activity.
(1)The official website of DMTG on PC terminal is
(2)Please follow the Wechat official account “大连机床DMTG”, and then login the official website on mobile terminal.
Activity process:
You must log in DMTG website or Wechat service platform and register your country,name,mobile phone No.,email address,company name,company address and office phone required to buy the machines.


Customer should make the online buying and offline payment. After the online buying, the customer service staff will call you to confirm the order, and sign the contract on the same day.
The full payment should transfer to the official account in two working days from successful online buying (subject to the Copy of Bank Remittance). Or the online buying orders will be canceled automatically. The machine will be delivered as soon as the full payment is received.
“Winter Promotion” service line:
Domestic: Telephone: 0411-87582136/2396  Fax: 0411-87582276-1/-3
Abroad: Telephone: +86-411-87582696  Mail:
Serve for you with all sincerity. Waiting for your calling.

For More requirements, Please   Leave a message.  
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